2014-06-16 21:43 #0 av: Nirvana_Ophelia

The death of suburban
people, urban decay,
graffiti, and suburbian
moms and death of
a junkie. She smokes,
gets  high and start talking
to stars. The night comes,
a blackdressed man with
black hair and eyeliner.
Her path is black and glittering,
her eyes twins of goddesses
and gods. Her road is black
and white, and framed with flowers.
White flowers that nod and look at her.
With her friend, she takes over the universe,
and stars are on a nirvanasky, put there with
glue. A woman has woven it, that speaks of
enigmas and seances. The midnightsky,
the sun of the kingdom.  And stars are
reborn and wake up smiling, they give off
dust and faeriedust comes from the faery godmother,
with blonde hair, wings and magic wand that
flies in the universe. Smiling. The anteater
gets the letter from the man with the corn
in his hands, that come there by itself.
Disappears and reappears by magick.
The sky is filled with rainbows and coloured
clouds, filled with My little ponies.
Rainbows glitter and sparkle and
the girl chews drugs. The girl
chews blue bubblegum and
has big blue eyes and purple eyelashes.